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Spa Manicure and Pedicures

These services involve a soak to hydrate and plump the nail beds. Wet manis and pedis include an application of regular nail polish.

Pedicured Feet

Spa Manicure and Pedicure

Fall asleep with the help of a moisturizing bath bomb in a soothing basin. Pick your own scent! Includes a scrub and a massage.

(50 minutes)

Hands: 450 TL / Feet: 550 TL



Dry Manicure and Pedicure

Nails are trimmed and cuticles are cleaned using e-file.

(50 minutes)

Hands: 450 TL / Feet: 550 TL

Japanese Manicure / Halal Manicure and Pedicure

A completely natural nail treatment. A special brightening and nourishing paste is applied to the nails. Particles remove any roughness on the nail surface. 

The paste contains beeswax, royal jelly and silica clay from the Sea of Japan. It also contains bentonite clay, delicate paraffin waxes, glycerin, panthenol, vitamins A, H, E and pro-vitamin B.

It accelerates circulation, supports healthy nail growth, stimulates nail strength. This process gives support against the wear and breakage of the nails.

And best of all, it gives nails an amazing shine without using polish.

Can only be applied to unprocessed, virgin nails.

(60 minutes)

Hands: 600 TL / Feet: 650 TL

Price of gel polish removal not applied at out salon is 200 TL. 
Price of gel polish removal without reapplication is 200 TL.

Special Treatments


IBX Nail Repair System

IBX is truly a therapeutic nail repair system. IBX works inside the nail, not on the nail.

IBX penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate and creates an interlocking network inside the nail by forming self-crosslinks. ​ ​

It can be applied to both the natural nail and can be used under gels

(40 minutes)

350 TL

Clay Slipper

A detoxifying care that removes the negative effects of the big city and leaves feet healthy and moist.

(10 minutes)

Feet: 100 TL

Tough Dry Skin Removal

Callouses are buffed away to reveal baby-soft heels

(20 minutes)

Feet: 100 TL

Nail Art and Bling

French: 15 TL / finger or 150 TL for all fingers

Ombre:  15TL / finger or 150 TL for all fingers

Swarovski stones: 5 TL /per stone

Glitter: 10 TL / finger

Chrome: 15 TL / finger

Marble: 15 TL / finger

Stamping: 15 TL / finger

Nail Charms: 30 TL / finger

Image Printing: 50 TL / finger

Custom Drawing: 15-60 TL / finger

Blinding Diamonds
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