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Nail Extensions and Gel Polish
Nail extensions and overlays are the best ways to add strength and length to your natural nails. Our mission is to bring you the safest products with quality.

Gel Extensions

Full set: 850 TL  (+ 150 for gel polish on top)

Fill: 750 TL  (+ 150 for gel polish on top)

Nail Repair: 90 TL / finger

Removal: 250 TL
(Gel extensions include a dry Russian manicure)

Gel Overlay

Gel Polish

Full set: 750 TL  (+ 150 for gel polish on top)

Fill: 750 TL  (+ 150 for gel polish on top)

Nail Repair: 90 TL / finger

Removal: 250 TL

(Gel overlay includes a dry Russian manicure)

Hands: 700 TL / Feet: 750 TL

Nail Repair: 75 TL / finger

Removal: 200 TL 

(Gel polish includes a dry Russian manicure/pedicure)

Removal of gel extensions not applied at our salon: 250 TL

Taking off gel extensions/overlay completely, without reapplication: 250 TL

Taking off gel polish completely, without reapplication of gel polish: 200 TL

Removal of gel polish not applied at our salon: 200 TL.


French: 15 TL / finger OR 150 TL / for all fingers

Ombre: 15 TL / finger OR 150 TL / for all fingers

Swarovski: 5 TL / stone

Glitter: 10 TL / finger

Krom: 15 TL / finger

Mermer: 15 TL / finger

Stamping: 15 TL / finger

Nail Charm: 30 TL / finger

Image Printing: 15 TL / finger

Custom Drawing: 20-60 TL / finger

Blinding Diamonds

Treating Bitten Nails

Nail biting is a treatable condition called Onychophagia and is considered an impulse control disorder. Many nail biters pick up the habit during childhood and about half of all adolescents bite their nails. Most become so familiar with the constant chewing that they don't even realize they're doing it until it gets painful!

People who have bitten their nails are often embarrassed of their hands and do not see them as something to be proud of. Showing you how elegant and smart your nails can look, results in a great feeling of pride and decreases the desire to bite.

You will have four appointments, beginning with an initial explanation of the program and a full consultation where we will discuss your individual circumstances and set goals. This will then be followed by a further three appointments at two week intervals.

The program includes a variety of treatments depending on individual circumstances, but usually consists of gel or acrylic or gel extensions, nail exfoliation and nourishment or cuticle care hand treatments.

Gel does not not chip or wear like regular polish and dries immediately, so no smudges. Its scratch-resistant, high shine finish is practical, tough and durable, therefore making biting tricky!

Finally, you are provided with at-home care package containing professional products to use in-between appointments. This is a very important part of the program and you will be given full written aftercare advice, in addition to a demonstration of how to use your products and care for your nails and cuticles at home.

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